The Rhode Island Handyman
Serving Little Rhody’s Biggest “Little” Problems

Have you ever needed something fixed in your home but found it just a little too difficult to tackle on your own, yet not quite warranting the price and hassle of hiring a “Big” contractor? You know, a door that just won’t shut right, a creaky stair, or maybe those storm windows you’ve been meaning to put up before the winter chill?

Well, that’s where the Rhode Island Handyman, serving all of Rhode Island
and southeastern Massachusetts can put your mind at ease…

My name is David Santoro, and I’ve been in the business of fixing homes since 1995. I started out as one of the “big” guys, working in the home building and remodeling industry. For the past ten years plus, I spent my time building a business in the residential and commercial building trades that operated on every level, from estimating and contracting, foundation to finish. I’ve done it all, folks. However, as time went on, it started to become clear to me where I could be of service to my customers in the most fundamental way.

Time after time, I would receive calls from customers, both new and old, who needed help taking care of the small projects around their homes they either just didn’t have the time, know-how, or tools to complete themselves. “Dave”, they would tell me, “you’re the only contractor who will give me his time to help me fix the little things around my house I need done!” It would bring me a great deal of pleasure to be the one my customers could depend on to get their jobs done, and that means ANY job. It was from this need in my customer base that my business as The Rhode Island Handyman began to grow. I truly enjoy doing the jobs my customers need done to make their daily lives run more smoothly. It brings me great pleasure to help not only people with beautiful new renovations, but also the average Joe who just wants some back stairs that don’t sag. Need a new light on your back porch? Need your front steps repaired or a new door installed? Perhaps you’ve been dying to get some shelves up and just don’t have the time, or need some rot or damage on the exterior of your home taken care of before it gets worse… I will never tell someone I don’t have time or that a project is too small, and that’s a promise.

If you think my service would help you and your family to better enjoy your daily quality of life, alleviating the hassle and inconvenience of construction projects you just don’t think you’ll ever get done; just ask me, Dave Santoro, The Rhode Island Handyman to take care of it for you! I can do it all, and I won’t charge you and arm and a leg. That’s a promise too!

How it works...

The first step to getting help from the Rhode Island handyman on your home project is determining what it is you’d like done. Many small or common fixes or builds can be priced right over the telephone. If your project is something special or specific, or if I need to see the size or extent of your damage, I will come out to your home, free of charge, after which point I will provide you with a free detailed estimate. If at that point you decide you would like to proceed with the work discussed, we will each sign a basic agreement allowing myself, David Santoro, The Rhode Island Handyman, to complete the project. Payment will be given by the customer upon completion of the work. The Rhode Island handyman accepts cash and checks.

Hours of Operation

I am available any day you need me, Monday through Sunday, 7am till 5 pm. Emergency help is available 24-7. Example of an emergency: It’s Christmas Eve, Uncle Charlie just clogged your only working toilet and the electricity shorts out…Well, take a deep breath, light a match, (not necessarily in that order)and call the Rhode Island Handyman! You’ll have no worries once the Handyman arrives. That’s my last promise!



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